YouTXT (formerly AlertManager)


If you’re looking for an affordable way to text your customers or staff from a browser rather than a cellphone, you can’t go past YouTXT (formerly AlertManager). This New Zealand based company is helpful and responsive to queries, and the text system itself is pretty easy to use, with a range of plans, including free and paid.

I have set up a retail and service client with YouTXT, and it has made the process of advising customers of finished jobs far easier than voice calls. Text based alerts reach customers more quickly – most people have their mobile phone with them all the time, and can read the message discreetly – great for students in class, or people in meetings. Replies from the customer can be set to go to a specific email address, so all replies can be easily monitored and responded to.

Myscript Calculator on Google Play for Android

Myscript Calculator on Google Play for Android

Just discovered this very useful calculator app, used it within 5 minutes of downloading to my Asus Nexus 7 to work out currency conversions for an invoice in a foreign currency – I would normally have scribbled it on paper and then used a calculator. Instead of tapping on a virtual numpad you can write your numbers and symbols with your finger or a stylus. Easy to rub out and change what you’re working out. Excellent.